Our Story

Several years ago I was looking for a dependable and inexpensive way to keep my dog Lacey safe and secure in our yard. In researching current products on the market I could not find anything that was sturdy, affordable and actually worked.

I looked at current dog tie-down products. They were flimsy and broke easily or came right out of the ground when the dog pulled hard on the tie-down cable.

Since I couldn’t find an acceptable solution and I just happen to be an inventor I decided to create an affordable, strong product that would really keep Lacey safe and secure in our yard. It took several years of research and experimentation, but finally the Intelli-StaykTM was created.

The Intelli-Stayk is the world’s strongest dog tie-down product with the patented “Surface Lock) It is durable, long lasting and will keep your dog safe and secure. (See products page for more details.

With the discovery of how strong the Intelli-Stayk’sTM design is, it allowed us to create the smallest tie-out stake on the market suited for small dogs and cats. My passion for solving consumer needs has then led to the creation of the Intelli-ShieldTM and other products currently under development. (see products page).

Bob Yackley
President & Founder
IntelliLeash Products, Inc.