IntelliLeash Products Intelli-Shield

IntelliLeash Products Intelli-Shield


Convenient, Weather-Proof Leash Clip Storage

  • IntelliLeash LEASH CLIP STORAGE BOX makes storing your pet’s leash/tie out clip EASY
  • The leash clasp storage box gives you a place, right outside your door, to EASILY HANG and PROTECT the clip of your pet’s tie out line or tie out leash.
  • The box helps to store the clip of your tie out at a height COMFORTABLE for you so you will NO LONGER HURT your back by bending to pick it up when you want to SECURE YOUR FURRY FRIEND outside
  • The storage box is also WEATHER PROOF. This will ELIMINATE the problem of FROZEN CLIPS in the winter and RUSTY CLIPS as well. Save yourself the headache of having your leash/tie out clip buried under the snow or frozen to the ground. This will also INCREASE the LIFE of your LEASH by preventing rust and damage.
  • INSTALLATION HARDWARE and INSTRUCTIONS are INCLUDED. Installation is QUICK and EASY on your home’s exterior walls.


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