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Tri-Fin Dome Style Tie-Out Stake


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Roscoe’s Pet Products Dome Style Tie-Out Stake for Dogs with Tri-Fin Anchor for Extra Stability and Strength.

Multiple Sizes Available.

Easy to install, simple to use! Get peace of mind knowing your dog is safe and secure when attached to the Roscoe’s Pet Products Dome Stake for Dogs with Tri-Fin Anchor.

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Product Description


Made of solid steel for strength and designed with three fins for extra holding power in the ground. Holds better than traditional dome style stakes. Two lengths available! Never leave your pet unsupervised when tethered, never leave dog outside in inclement weather such as extreme heat or cold, and always leave fresh water within reach.


  • The three-fin design holds the stake in the ground better than the traditional dome stake. Painted to prevent rust. 
  • Dome style top allows for 360 degree roaming without the risk of getting tangled.
  • Bright orange color is easy to spot in the grass making it easy to mow around and avoid tripping over.
  • Easy to install and simple to use. Simply choose the best location for your stake, pound straight down into the ground using a hammer or rubber mallet and attach your cable to the steel ring at the top.

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3 reviews for Tri-Fin Dome Style Tie-Out Stake

  1. Int3lliL3ash

    My 75 pound dog has done well with this as one anchor to her trolly system. The post has stayed secure despite her pulling. (Of note, I attached her trolly to the post itself, under the dome, as I don’t trust the flimsy looking swivel at the top.)

  2. Int3lliL3ash

    This product is amazing! My dog always ripped the cork screw style out of the ground and this holds her great! She is 80lbs

  3. Int3lliL3ash

    Easy to install.

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