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Do you have any questions about IntelliLeash® Products, Inc.? Our team is here to answer them and to help solve any problems that you or your dog might be having with our dog Tie-Out stakes and other products.

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We aim to make you and your pet happy. We want to make sure that we are giving you a reason to spread the word and let your friends and neighbors know why they should use IntelliLeash® products for their furry friends. With this in mind, we are always ready to hear what you have to say about our products – whether you want to share with us how well they are working for you or tell us where we have room to improve.

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IntelliLeash® Products, Inc. FAQs

We’re always happy and ready to answer your questions.

Our unique “Surface-Lock™” is what provides the exceptional holding strength.  While other products use the depth of the spiral to provide holding strength, our spiral portion is used to hold the Surface-Lock™ to the ground.  The stake is approximately 9.5 inches below ground.  
Absolutely. If one of our products doesn’t completely satisfy, we are more than happy to replace it, offer advice on how to use it more effectively or, failing that, give you your money back.