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Tie-Out Cable for Dogs, Multiple Lengths and Weight Ratings Available.

Our tie out cables were designed with you and your pet in mind. The bright orange color makes the cable visible in your yard to prevent tripping or running over with the lawn mower. The cables are made of galvanized airline cable for strength, and coated in crack resistant PVC to protect against rust. The cute 3-D dog crimp covers protect the ends of the cable to resist wear due to rust and provides an extra safety measure for the dog and dog owner.

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IntelliLeash® Products Tie-Out Cables come in a variety of sizes to suit any dog owner’s needs. Simply choose the strength of cable based on the weight recommendation and choose the length based on the area of space your dog has available to roam. Weight recommendations should not be exceeded to ensure the safety of your pet. Never leave your pet unsupervised when attached to the cable, never leave dog outside in inclement weather such as extreme heat or cold, and always leave fresh water within reach. Use with our line of smart tie out products designed to keep your pet safe and secure. Consider the Intelli-Stayk™ and Intelli-Shield to complete your ultimate containment system.


  • Many sizes available in different lengths and strengths to ensure the perfect cable for any dog.
  • Made of galvanized aircraft cable coated in crack resistant PVC.
  • Quality tested steel clasps with twin swivel design prevents breaking, twisting, and tangling.
  • Plastic crimp cover with cute dog design protects against rust and wear.
  • For the best containment system, use the Tie-out Cable with the IntelliLeash® Intelli-Stayk™ dog Tie-Out stake together.

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Jason Paul Hersh

November 3, 2021

The first one lasted about a 18 months which is fair for a $10 lead. It’s strong enough for my 5lb killer.

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September 18, 2021

Lightweight for our dogs and the tie out didn’t pull their necks down.

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Fred Jones

August 16, 2021

I am thrilled to have found this lightweight cable for my little three-pound poodle. The hardware on most leads are just too big and heavy for my little guy. This allows him much more freedom when we are at an unsecured area – front yard, park, daughter’s house. We are both very happy with this product and would buy it again. Oh yeah – it’s also sturdy, well-made, easy to keep clean, and did I mention lightweight! We will enjoy this for years to come.

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Missouri Shopper

July 25, 2021

Stayed in the ground, even softer soil, and did not come loose with my 80lb jumpy dog. It needs something like grass roots to keep it firmly in the ground, but it stays in great once you get it right.

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Size 10 lb/12', 10 lb/20', 10 lb/40', 35 lb/20', 35 lb/30', 35 lb/40', 90 lb/20', 90 lb/25', 90 lb/30', 90 lb/40', 125 lb/20', 125 lb/25', 125 lb/30', 125 lb/40', 250 lb/25', 250 lb/60', 250 lb/75', 250 lb/100', 250 close up
3 reviews
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3 reviews for Dog Tie Out Cables

  1. Int3lliL3ash
    Nice long line to tie pups outside. We got 2 for 2 dogs, they tangle themselves up quite often. Not the line's fault we put them too close together. Sturdy, and easy color to see in the grass.
  2. Int3lliL3ash
    Great product, use it today. Wrapped it around a tree , my 60 pound Pitt bull was able to roam freely. N a happy owner was able to read his book in peace. ??
  3. Int3lliL3ash
    I have other tie outs. Been looking for a durable but light weight cable for my wife's Yorkie. The others are just too bulky. This is damn near invisible.
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