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Intelli-Stayk™ Dog Tie-Out Stake with Special Surface-Lock™ Technology. Prevents Pulling Out and Bending

Prevents Pulling Out and Bending.

The Intelli-Stayk™ with Beast Dog Surface-Lock™ is built to hold the strongest dogs. The Beast Dog Surface-Lock™ increases ground holding strength for your exceptionally large or strong dog. This unique patented design reduces the ability of a dog to bend, break, or pull out of the ground. If you are tired of replacing your stake or ones that pull out of the ground, this is for you. The Intelli-Stayk™ incorporates Surface-Lock™ technology and the extra-wide, easy twist handle makes it easy to insert in the ground by anyone, without tools. Almost invisible when installed, the Intelli-Stayk™ is aesthetically appealing in any yard.

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Enjoy total piece of mind knowing that your pet is safe and secure out in your yard while using this tie out stake. Just push the Beast Dog Surface-Lock™ cup  (teeth side down) with your foot into the ground, Push the Surface-Lock™ into the center of the Beast Dog, being sure to line up the notches with the grooves, and then screw the tie out stake into the ground. Make sure that the 3 pieces “lock” together. It’s that easy-123! Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Please read installation instructions in their entirety and never leave your dog unsupervised.


  • SAFE & SECURE – The Intelli-Stayk™ tie out stake with Beast Dog Surface-Lock™ offers superior holding strength. The special surface lock technology holds the stake in place, eliminating side to side movement, keeping it in the ground. Have peace of mind knowing your dog is secure when tethered outside.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS – This premium tie out stake is made with 10 mm solid chrome plated steel to prevent bending, breaking, and rust. The raised platform allows for 360 degrees of roaming without the cable getting caught or tangled. The Surface-Lock™ and Intelli-Stayk™ collar are made from reinforced nylon for superior strength against cracking and breaking.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – After selecting the perfect location for your Intelli-Stayk™, simply press the Beast Dog Disc securely into the ground with your foot, push the Surface-Lock™ into the center being sure to line up the grooves, and then screw the Intelli-Stayk™ through the center until all three pieces are locked together and tight to the ground. Read detailed installation instructions included with product before installation.
  • PORTABLE – Easy to install and remove, small and lightweight. Great for camping, trips to the park, and neighborhood barbecues.

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September 9, 2021

I have a 45 pound dog that will chase deer for miles if given the opportunity. This stake with the wide base, combined with a steel braided cable, has worked well when we can’t keep a constant eye on her in the front yard. We’ve been using the stake since April of 2021 and she has yet to escape or pull the stake from the ground. She’s not tied out for long periods of time, and she doesn’t get frustrated and pull at it – but this stake has prevented her from chasing after animals. The dirt is soft and somewhat sandy where I live, I believe the wide base has made all the difference – she’d pull a typical stake out of the ground very easily.

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Laura Kenny

April 16, 2021

My dog is a complete nut and weights 60lbs. Our backyard is woods so it’s full of animals. He will run out full force and the stake stays in the ground. Who knew that that big orange desk would be the saving grace of our backyard!

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Amazon Customer

August 26, 2021

I used this with a tether so that my little dog could safely be with me in the front yard. Very easy for a senior to screw into dirt and VERY STURDY!

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November 5, 2020

This is a great little tie-out stake that has worked flawlessly for our toy breed puppy. For anyone looking to buy, please make sure you’re looking at the right product for the size of dog. The dependability is going to strictly rely on using the right one. This one is easy enough to install, albeit a bit confusing at first. Once I figured out how it operated, I was able to easily place it and use it within moments of arrival. We don’t use it often, but I never worry about my pup getting away when she’s tied out. Even when she’s pulling her hardest, this stake does not move even the slightest. I would not recommend using this in sand or loose dirt, but it’s perfect for the standard back yard.

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Weight 33.7 oz
Dimensions 13.25 × 9.5 × 2.5 in
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4 reviews for Intelli-Stayk™ with Beast Dog Surface-Lock™

  1. Int3lliL3ash
    This is a seriously stout auger. The little hole saw type lock is plastic, even though it looks like metal in the picture, but it does the job, nonetheless. I'm a fairly strong fella, so I tested it before tying the dog up, and was really impressed. It is absolutely locked in. The trick to making it work is to use your body weight to auger it into the earth. If you're not leaning on it, it will only churn up dirt. Once you get it about 80% into the ground it will become hard to turn and you may need some channel locks or a pair of vise grips to finish turning it. But once it's screwed down, you can be certain it's not going anywhere.
  2. Int3lliL3ash
    We camp and dogs must be tied up. We have a Great Dane who puts these to the test ! So far so good ?
  3. Int3lliL3ash
    So far so's holding my 65 lbs puppy Rottweiler.
  4. Int3lliL3ash
    This will be the second one I have purchased. I bought the first one just before winter so I wouldn't have to go outside with my dogs for times when it's cold and they just need to relieve themselves. It has worked out incredibly well and it's definitely been put through its paces! It held up to my 60 lb. Pyrenees mix doing her best to get loose when we had a neighbor cutting through our yard without permission, which was a massive relief since she can be aggressive with strangers! I've had to go tighten it back into the ground once or twice, but it's only been after extensive rain when the ground would be positively soggy.
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I have a 150 lbs Cane Corso and I’m looking for a stake to use while we are out camping. Will this hold in the ground?

Answer: The Intelli-Stayk™ is made from very strong, 10mm thick steel and it will hold up to the largest dogs. The limiting factor is often the soil, though the Intelli-Stayk™ holds better than other stakes due to our “Surface-Lock™.” For very strong, aggressive, and very large dogs, we recommend you purchase the Intelli-Stayk™ w/ Beast Dog attachment. The attachment gives increased holding strength. This version allows you to use the Intelli-Stayk™ with or without the attachment.

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