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Intelli-Stayk™ Dog Tie-Out Stake with Special Surface-Lock™ Technology. Prevents Pulling Out and Bending.

Prevents Pulling Out and Bending.

The Intelli-Stayk™  with Soft Soil Surface-Lock™ is designed to stay put in the ground in soft soils and soil with low percentage of sand. This unique patented design reduces the ability of a dog to bend, break, or pull out of the ground. If you are tired of replacing your stake or ones that pull out of the ground, this is for you.

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The Intelli-Stayk™ incorporates Surface-Lock™ technology and the extra-wide, easy twist handle makes it easy to insert in the ground by anyone, without tools. Almost invisible when installed, the Intelli-Stayk™ is aesthetically appealing in any yard. Enjoy total piece of mind knowing that your pet is safe and secure out in your yard while using this tie out stake. Just push the Soft Soil Surface-Lock™ cup (teeth side down) with your foot into the ground, Push the Surface-Lock™ into the center, being sure to line up the notches with the grooves, and then screw the tie out stake into the ground. Make sure that the 3 pieces “lock” together. It’s that easy-123! Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Please read installation instructions in their entirety and never leave your dog unsupervised.


  • SAFE & SECURE – The Intelli-Stayk™ tie out stake with Soft Soil Surface-Lock™ offers superior holding strength. The special surface lock technology holds the stake in place, eliminating side to side movement, keeping it in the ground. Have peace of mind knowing your dog is secure when tethered outside. Not recommended for pure sand.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS – This premium tie out stake is made with 10 mm solid chrome plated steel to prevent bending, breaking, and rust. The raised platform allows for 360 degrees of roaming without the cable getting caught or tangled. The Surface-Lock™s and Intelli-Stayk™ collar are made from reinforced nylon for superior strength against cracking and breaking.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – After selecting the perfect location for your Intelli-Stayk™, simply press the Soft Soil Disc securely into the ground with your foot, push the Surface-Lock™ into the center being sure to line up the grooves, and then screw the Intelli-Stayk™ through the center until all three pieces are locked together and tight to the ground. Read detailed installation instructions included with product before installation.
  • PORTABLE – Easy to install and remove, small and lightweight. Great for camping, trips to the park, and neighborhood barbecues.

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JB in TN

July 14, 2021

Very sturdy. Our puppy is 10 lbs. but am sure it would be great for big dogs.

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Laura Kenny

April 16, 2021

My dog is a complete nut and weights 60lbs. Our backyard is woods so it’s full of animals. He will run out full force and the stake stays in the ground. Who knew that that big orange desk would be the saving grace of our backyard!

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August 9, 2021

Secure and provides confidence
Perfect. Holds steady once screwed in fully. The screw is deep and depending on the ground type can take some effort to screw in fully. Trick is to screw in half way, remove, pour some water into hole and then re screw. Once in it holds a very active dog perfectly.

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May 5, 2021

I wish I’d bought this sooner – highly recommended

I bought this as our dog is very reactive toward other dogs, and I don’t trust that he wouldn’t jump our fence. We bought two of these, together with a line which clips on each stake, we run the line through the handle of his leash, so he has a good 10 meters that he can play with in the garden, but we have peace of mind that if a passing dog surprises us, he’ll not get away.

For context our dog is a 23kg, very muscly staffy who has no qualms about flinging himself around like a lunatic at the sight of another dog. I would expect this would have no problems holding the strongest of dogs.

I would say, I was worried about if it would hold given it rains a lot where we are and the ground can feel quite soft – borderline squishy at times, But I haven’t had to use the soft ground attachment. I would imagine that would really only be necessary for very boggy ground or a sandy beach for example.

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Weight 39.5 oz
Dimensions 13.25 × 11.5 × 2.75 in
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2 reviews for Intelli-Stayk™ with Soft Soil Surface-Lock™

  1. Int3lliL3ash
    Worked Great!! We had a camping trip and both dogs were required to be tethered or leashed at all times on the camping grounds. Our dogs are between 60 and 70 lbs, but they're also not big pullers cause they're elderly and mostly just slept and hung out so I don't know that I'd recommend tethering more than 100lbs. of rambunctious behavior to this stake. Make sure you have a screw driver or a hammer with a solid handle so you can turn the tie out all the way into the ground and anchor it properly. On a personal note I don't recommend tying dogs outside permanently without proper shelter or housing in harsh temperatures or severe weather conditions. ****ALWAYS be aware of your animals well-being and make sure they're well fed and given clean water daily.****
  2. Int3lliL3ash
    This stake really is as amazing as advertised! We’ve used it over a year now with our 40 lb Shar Pei (who is built like a tank) and are still just as happy with it as the first day we used it. We have, however, been through 3 cables that attach to the stake as we haven’t discovered an equally amazing indestructible cable, yet. It is important to install properly or it will not work as designed. Ensure the orange part of the locking mechanism on the stake is twisted firmly into the part of the locking mechanism placed in the ground. The part in the ground should not move freely once installed or the plug of grass inside may become dislodged and prevent the locking feature from working. I did encounter a few areas where the ground was either too hard or too soft to install properly, so I just moved it to a different location. We did not leave it outside in the harsh winter months, so I don’t know how it would perform in those conditions but it was left in the ground (moved locations a couple times) the rest of the year. This is also very easy to travel with and we have confidence our dog will stay safely on leash and enjoy the outdoors with us wherever we go.
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