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Soft-Touch Dog Training Collar


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IntelliLeash® Products Soft-Touch LCD Dog Training Collar Kit with remote. This collar is waterproof and rechargeable with 1000 ft Range. Four different training mode options include tone, light, vibration, and static shock. Add a second collar to be controlled with the same remote for two dogs.

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The collar can be set to 201 different correction levels including Tone, Light, Vibration, and Static Shock Correction Methods. A training collar such as this can be the most effective, fast, and easy way to train your dog! The controller is a 2-channel controller where another collar can easily be added without having to purchase another remote. The remote training collar is designed with high-end technology to provide a range up to 1000 feet. Easily train your dog in the park, backyard, or field. The options of Light, Tone, Vibration, or Shock allow you to choose the best correction method for your dog!  The collar also features a Power Saving/Safety Mode. While your pet is at rest, the collar will go into Power Saving mode. This deactivates the collar to save power and prevent accidental correction. As soon as the dog starts moving again the collar will automatically become active and the remote will work as normal.


  • Adjustable 4 Training Modes – The Soft-Touch Collar has 0-100 Levels of customization for Static Stimulation & Vibration.
  • Also Features standard Tone (Beep) Mode, and New Visual Training Mode (Light). Four types of stimulation with over 200 correction settings makes it guaranteed you will find the best or softest stimulation that works for your dog.
  • Provides a range up to 1000 ft, easily train your dog in the park, backyard, or field.
  • The controller is a 2-channel controller where another collar can easily be added without having to purchase another remote.
  • Lightweight and fits both small and large dogs – Adjustable Neck Widths from 4-Inches to 24-Inches. This training collar has proven to be one of the most Effective, Fast, and Easy ways to train your dog!

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Instruction Manual Download Here

7 reviews for Soft-Touch Dog Training Collar

  1. Int3lliL3ash

    Both the remote and collar feel solid in your hand and look well constructed. Also happy to say it is easy to pair and operate. All the modes work well and the controls are intuitive. Still need to test the 1,000 ft range, but judging by my first impressions, I’d wager it won’t fall short. Comes with a cable that charges both the collar and remote along with a handy tester to verify the static shock setting is functioning after pairing.

  2. Int3lliL3ash

    I must say that we bought this model because we have tried others and they fell apart in a short period of time. By the look of this model it appears that it is of high quality! It also is obvious that the designer took our pet’s comfort in mind.

  3. Int3lliL3ash

    Easy to use, well written instruction manual. I especially like the soft comfort tips this comes with to cushion my dog’s neck. I started with low settings and only went as high as I needed to get the right reaction from my dog. I would recommend this product.

  4. Int3lliL3ash

    Bought another more expensive collar and was not happy. Purchased this one and love it! So much easier to operate remote and switch between tone and vibration. Very soft collar and sturdy receiver. Need to test distance of operation yet but so far very pleased!

  5. Int3lliL3ash

    Great product!

  6. Int3lliL3ash

    Lightweight for smaller dogs. Works great. I especially like that it’s hard to accidentally push a command button.

  7. Int3lliL3ash

    I bought to help train my puppy. Works great. Would recommend this.

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