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Dog Tie-Out Stake with Special Surface-Lock™ Technology.

Prevents Pulling Out and Bending.

The Intelli-Stayk™ tie-out stake offers superior holding strength. The special Surface-Lock™ technology holds the stake in place, eliminating side to side movement, keeping it in the ground. Have peace of mind knowing your dog is secure when tethered outside.

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The Intelli-Stayk™ is built to hold the strongest dogs. The Surface-Lock™ significantly reduces movement at the surface so the stake stays secure in the ground. This unique design reduces the ability of a dog to bend, break, or pull out of the ground and is a “one size fits all dogs” stake. Attach your cable directly to the thick 10mm shaft with wide clip openings or steel ring adapter permanently affixed to the shaft for smaller clip openings. If you are tired of replacing your stake or ones that pull out of the ground, this is for you.

  • SAFE & SECURE – The Intelli-Stayk™ tie out stake offers superior holding strength. The special Surface-Lock™ technology holds the stake in place, eliminating side to side movement, keeping it in the ground. Have peace of mind knowing your dog is secure when tethered outside.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS – This premium tie out stake is made with 10 mm solid chrome plated steel to prevent bending, breaking, and rust. The raised platform allows for 360 degrees of roaming without the cable getting caught or tangled. The Surface-Lock™ and Intelli-Stayk™ collar are made from reinforced nylon for superior strength against cracking and breaking.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – After selecting the perfect location for your Intelli-Stayk™, simply press the Surface-Lock securely into the ground with your foot and then screw the Intelli-Stayk™ through the center until the two pieces are locked together and tight to the ground. Read detailed installation instructions included with product before installation.
  • PORTABLE – Easy to install and remove, small and lightweight. Great for camping, trips to the park, and neighborhood barbecues.

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andrew Marquez

October 17, 2021

Exceptional quality and durability. Way stronger than the other brands that you can feel just by holding it.

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October 14, 2021

We were looking for a camping tie out for a strong dog to give us peace of mind she couldn’t pull it out of the ground when her favorite camping neighbor walks by. This thing is easy to install and 100% sturdier than a regular metal corkscrew tie out! It’s also lower profile than our old ones and, together with the orange ring for visibility, means we didn’t trip over it once the whole trip.

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Fred Jones

August 16, 2021

This product is made for a dog that tugs. The stake has a sharp endpoint that allows it to cut through the ground easily – the point is sharp so take care when installing this item. A very good product.

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Todd A. Erickson

August 5, 2021

Stayed in the ground, even softer soil, and did not come loose with my 80lb jumpy dog. It needs something like grass roots to keep it firmly in the ground, but it stays in great once you get it right.

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4 reviews for Intelli-Stayk™ Dog Tie-Out

  1. Int3lliL3ash
    I purchased this product after much debate and research. I was very impressed by the well thought-out design and the company's response team. Even though we have an in-ground invisible fence system, I was warned by the breeder, that my Great Pyrenees puppy was not to be trusted without a visible fence or a sturdy Tie-Out. We can't have an above-ground fence in our neighborhood, so a Tie-Out that would hold a 100 lb.+ dog would be a necessity. So far, this Intelli-Stayk™ is everything I was looking for. Easy to install and remove when necessary and still very secure. The ground was pretty soft when I put it in, so I tested it by pulling the cable I had attached to it in every direction. It didn't budge a bit! My husband put it to the test later with the same result. Our puppy isn't full-grown yet but she's already pretty strong. Sometimes, she forgets that she's tied and will go running after our other dog (who's trained on the invisible fence). She knows when she reaches the end of the cable that she's not going any farther! This has really given us peace of mind in knowing that we can safely put our dog out for a little while and not have to watch her every second or walk around with her on the leash. We are very happy that we purchased this product.
  2. Int3lliL3ash
    Pro-Tip: bring a tool to grip the top handle for leverage as you install this. I found that the claw on the back of a hammer works perfectly. Alternately, I've used a pair of pliers as well. In reality, we rarely manage to insert this thing all the way to the ground so that the orange safety cap really does its job. But my dog (~50 pounds) is not a tremendous puller, and it is certainly safe enough for him.
  3. Int3lliL3ash
    Works great, even when the ground is wet it still stayed in place and doesn't start to rock back and forth loosening the ground.
  4. Int3lliL3ash
    Worked Great!! We had a camping trip and both dogs were required to be tethered or leashed at all times on the camping grounds. Our dogs are between 60 and 70 lbs, but they're also not big pullers cause they're elderly and mostly just slept and hung out so I don't know that I'd recommend tethering more than 100lbs. of rambunctious behavior to this stake. Make sure you have a screw driver or a hammer with a solid handle so you can turn the tie out all the way into the ground and anchor it properly. On a personal note I don't recommend tying dogs outside permanently without proper shelter or housing in harsh temperatures or severe weather conditions. ****ALWAYS be aware of your animals well-being and make sure they're well fed and given clean water daily.****
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Is this strong enough for a 120 lb dog?

Answer: For a 120-pound dog, you may want to consider the Intelli-Stayk™ Dog Tie-Out Stake w/ Beast Dog attachment.

I have a 50 lb dog who is pretty strong sometimes and will try to jump after squirrels and pull. Do you think this is strong enough?

Answer: The short answer is yes. But if you have concerns about an overactive or extremely strong dog, consider upgrading to the Intelli-Stayk™ Dog Tie-Out Stake w/ Beast Dog attachments.

What weight of a dog is the Intelli-Stayk™ meant to hold? I see dogs that weigh 60 lbs or so – but my dog weighs around 180+, so will it hold him?

Answer: We’re confident that the Intelli-Stayk™ Dog Tie-Out Stake won’t “break,” but holding in the ground will depend on the soil composition. As you surely know, a 180-pound dog is quite strong. You should choose our Intelli-Stayk™ Dog Tie-Out Stake w/ Beast Dog attachment or our Roscoe’s Pet Product RAS-24, which is an auger style stake.

I have a 25 lb Weim puppy who will be 55-60 lbs within months. Is it okay for the puppy to be on the 60 lbs size?

Answer: The Intelli-Stayk™ Dog Tie-Out Stake is the perfect solution for you.

Does this work well on the beach?

Answer: This is not recommended for the beach. For a small dog, you might be able to use the Intelli-Stayk™ Dog Tie-Out Stake with soft soil attachment. It will work better than other Dog Tie-Out stakes, but this comment should not be taken as an endorsement for this application.

How does installation go for very firm / clay-heavy soils & near trees with heavy tree roots throughout the soil?

Answer: You may need to try several positions until you can find one with an opening between the roots to push in the cup. As with all dog tie-out stakes (spiral or straight), you may also have to try a couple of locations until you work around the roots, but the good news is that it will be very secure once it is in.

I see no photos of how to use this stake, and I don’t understand the technique. The pictures don’t show it in use, and the material does not explain.

  • Check for tightness in the ground periodically, especially for the first few days after installation as the soil may settle.
  • Replace any damaged products immediately.
  • Not all dogs can be tied out. For the dog’s safety and for the safety of others, it is the owner’s responsibility to monitor the dog’s behavior.

Where do you attach the leash?

Answer: You can hook the clasp directly to the shaft between the bottom of the handle and the top of the plastic collar if the clasp opens wide enough or to the o-ring if the clasp’s opening is narrower.

Can this be easily removed from the ground? I do not have a yard and would like to use it in parks.

Answer: The Intelli-Stayk™ is designed to be easily installed, removed, and repositioned.

Is it set deep enough into the ground that a mower can go over it?

Answer: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOW OVER THE TOP OF THE INTELLI-STAYK!! Doing so may cause damage to equipment and serious injury to anyone in the immediate area. Most users simply mow around the Intelli-Stayk™ and/or use a weed whacker to trim up close to it. If you remove the Intelli-Stayk™ from the ground, it is best to reposition it.

Will this stake work in soft soil during rain and snow?

Answer: Rain and snow do not cause any issues unless the immediate area remains underwater for a while. For normal, soft soil, consider using the Intelli-Stayk™ Dog Tie-Out Stake with soft soil attachment.

Could you put two dogs in the same unit?

Answer: If your dogs are small to medium-sized and don’t pull much when tethered, this should work just fine for you. Keep in mind that two dogs pulling in the same direction at the same time, create a much greater force. Also, note that you may get some tangling of the cables, so you need to keep an eye out for that scenario.

How many inches into the ground does the stake go?

Answer: Approximately 9.5 inches below ground.

Would you consider this to be a no-tangle stake?

Answer: Yes, it is considered to be a no-tangle stake. What’s unique is that the cup/collar combination that creates unparalleled stability in the ground also forms a raised platform, which allows you to hook the cable directly to the 10mm thick shaft (instead of a thin swivel that breaks).

Is it stainless steel? Will it rust?

Answer: It is chrome plated to resist rust.

What is the weight of this product? Would it be an appropriate solution for when I want to go backpacking/camping with my dog?

Answer: The Intelli-Stayk™ weighs 1 pound 5 ounces and is more compact than other heavy-duty Dog Tie-Outs. If you have a small dog up to 20 pounds, the “mini” version of Intelli-Stayk™ Dog Tie-Out Stake is a great option. It weighs only 6 ounces and fits in a glove compartment.

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