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IntelliLeash® mini Intelli-Stayk™ Dog Tie-Out

Prevents Pulling Out and Bending.

Are you looking for a safe and effective way to secure your small pet outdoors?

The mini Intelli-Stayk™ is a small, light-weight, and compact dog tie out stake for small dogs, cats, or other small animals. This stake is a smaller version of our super successful large dog tie out stake. At only 9 inches long and 5 ounces, and has a weight rating for dogs up to 20 pounds, the Tie-Out stake is secure and strong.

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The mini Intelli-Stayk™ incorporates Surface-Lock™ technology and an extra-wide, easy twist handle making it easy to insert in the ground by anyone, without tools. Almost invisible when installed, the mini Intelli-Stayk™ is aesthetically appealing in any yard. Enjoy total piece of mind knowing that your pet is safe and secure out in your yard while using this tie out stake.

Our tie out stake is small enough to fit in the glove compartment of your car and lightweight enough that it is easily transportable wherever you go! Excellent option for camping or vacationing!


  • Got a small dog or cat? Keep your pet safe and secure. No need for a big bulky tie out for your little furry friend- Surface-Lock eliminates side-to-side movement providing holding strength all while being compact.
  • Raised platform resists tangling and eliminates breaking swivels commonly used on other tie out stakes.
  • Super durable construction. Clip the dog tie out cable right onto the metal stake. This works great as a cat tie out too!!
  • Small enough to fit into auto glove compartment! This tie out is only 9″ long but offers superior security due to the surface lock cup technology!
  • Weight rating for dogs up to 20 pounds.

What Our Customers Say

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Breanna Eppes

October 24, 2021

This is good for small dogs without a lot of strength. Not for a 90lb lab/cur mix

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September 18, 2021

It’s fantastic for my dogs to play in the yard

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Amazon Customer

August 26, 2021

I used this with a tether so that my little dog could safely be with me in the front yard. Very easy for a senior to screw into dirt and VERY STURDY!

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Margaret Arnett

My 5 pound chihuahua loves this for when I am out gardening.

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Additional Information

Weight 5.1 oz
Dimensions 8.75 × 3.75 × 2.5 in
3 reviews
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3 reviews for Mini Intelli-Stayk™ Dog Tie-Out

  1. Int3lliL3ash
    after my pup got loose with a different set up, used this and kept him secured but able to run around on a 20ft tether. my dog is about 25 lbs but high energy and strong, this kept him safe. Easy to twist into the ground and remove. Used it camping and at home. My dog loves being with me but having some leeway to wander under supervision.
  2. Int3lliL3ash
    I really didn't think the collar would make that much of a difference but it really stabilizes the stake. The coil design also made it relatively easy to dig into the ground since it is constantly pulling down. You will need another long bar to really get enough torque to tie it down. I did most by hand but when it got deeper it wasn't enough leverage. Also the collar is just the right size for the coil it stays centered perfectly.
  3. Int3lliL3ash
    I have to admit I spent a week or so adjusting and reinstalling this a few times, but once I got the cork all the way in with the orange piece seated correctly, this thing DOES NOT move. I've tugged and pulled on it hard to test it and while it moves slightly, you can tell it's not going anywhere. There's small spots of rust appearing, but it seems to just be surface corrosion so far after about 2 months.
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Would the mini Intelli-Stayk™ hold a 15-20 lb miniature poodle, or would you recommend the larger Stayk?

Answer: The “mini” is designed to hold a dog weighing up to 20 pounds. Note that very loose soil could be the limiting factor with all Tie-Outs, but the mini is undoubtedly strong enough for most dogs up to 20 pounds. If you have some concerns about the looseness of your soil or you have an extremely active 20-pound dog, the Intelli-Stayk™ would be a great choice.

I have a 15 lb. pug. She spins in circles when she gets ready to do her business. Her line gets knotted when she spins. Will this line knot up?

Answer: The unique design creates a raised platform with no exposed stake below. It is virtually impossible for it to tangle when inserted per instructions.

I have an unusually strong 25 lb. pug and need a temporary stake for a night of camping. Would this be solid and safe enough and easy to use?

Answer: The standard Intelli-Stayk™ should be more than satisfactory for your 25-pound pug. Your dog should not be able to cause any damage to the Intelli-Stayk™. But if your soil is very loose due to high sand content, you may want to upgrade to the Intelli-Stayk™ with soft soil attachment.

Does the mini Intelli-Stayk swivel 360 degrees?

Answer: Yes! There is no separate swivel. You attach your cable directly to the shaft. The low profile of the Surface-Lock™ allows your cable to go around 360 degrees without getting tangled or caught on the stake.

Installing the Intelli-Stayk™

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